Woan-lih Liang
Name Woan-lih Liang
Title Professor
Education Ph. D. in International Business, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Research expertise Corporate Finance, Share repurchase, R&D, Venture capital
Office Tel No. 03-5712121 Ext. 57065
Email wlliang@nycu.edu.tw
Vita https://sites.google.com/site/woanlihliang/
Personal site https://sites.google.com/site/woanlihliang/
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Year Paper Title
2022 Huang, Yi-Hou, Woan-lih Liang, Quang-Thai Truong, and Yanzhi Wang, No new tricks for old dogs? Old directors and innovation performance., Technological Forecasting & Social Change, 179, pp121659-, (SSCI)
2021 Liang, Woan-lih*, Tai-cheng Liu, The Impact of the Act for the Development of Biotech and New Pharmaceuticals Industry on Firm Innovation. , NTU Management Review, Vol.31 No.2, pp129-188, (TSSCI)
2020 Chen, Sheng-Syan, Yan-Shing Chen, Woan-lih Liang, Yanzhi Wang*, Public R&D Spending and Cross-Sectional Stock Returns., Research Policy, 49, 1, pp103887-, (SSCI)
2019 Chang, Hsiu-yun, Woan-lih Liang*, and Yanzhi Wang (2019), Do Institutional Investors Still Encourage Patent-Based Innovation after the Tech Bubble Period?, Journal of Empirical Finance, 51, (SSCI)
2016 Liang, Woan-lih, Sensitivity to Investor Sentiment and Stock Performance of Open Market Share Repurchases, Journal of Banking and Finance, 71, pp75-94, (SSCI)
2016 Chen, Hung-Kun, Woan-lih Liang, Do Venture Capitalists Improve the Operating Performance of IPOs?, International Review of Economics and Finance, 44, pp291-304, (SSCI)
2016 Lee, Cheng-Few, Woan-lih Liang, Fu-Lai Lin, Yating Yang, Applications of Simultaneous Equations in Finance Research: Methods and Empirical Results, Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, 47, 4, pp943-971
2015 Chiu, Yung-Chin, Woan-lih Liang, Do Firms Manipulate Earnings Before Accelerated Share Repurchases?, International Review of Economics and Finance, 37, pp86-95, (SSCI)
2013 Chen, Sheng-Syan, Yan-Shing Chen, Woan-lih Liang, Yanzhi Wang*, R&D Spillover Effects and Firm Performance Following R&D Increases , Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 48, pp1607-1634, (SSCI)
2013 Liang, Woan-lih*, Konan Chan, Wei-Hsien Lai and Yanzhi Wang, Motivation for Repurchase: A Life Cycle Explanation, Journal of Financial Services Research, 43, pp221-241, (SSCI)
2012 Liang, Woan-lih, Information Content of Repurchase Signals: Tangible or Intangible Information?, Journal of Banking and Finance, 36, pp261-274, (SSCI)
2011 Liang, Woan-lih*, Chung-yi Chen, The Impact of Financial Constraints on Venture Capital and Non-Venture Capital Backed IPOs, Empirical Economics Letters, 10, pp1115-1122, (Others)
2011 Liang, Woan-lih*, Tsui-ting Liu, Analyst Recommendations for VC and Non-VC backed IPOs, International Research Journal of Finance and Economics, 73, pp46-55, (Others)
2010 Liang, Woan-lih*, Hsiou-wei W. Lin, and Yir-Jung Syu, Precision of Investor Information and Financial Disclosure, International Review of Economics and Finance, 19, pp627-632, (SSCI)
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