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Year Paper Title
2023 Nov. 2023
2023 Yao-Tsung ChenCheng-Yen Yu and Shu-Yi Lin, An investment strategy based on news sentiment and its empirical performance, Journal of Investing, vol. Accepted, May. 2023
2023 Bank Safety-oriented Culture and Lending Decisions, Journal of Financial Stability, vol. forthcoming, Mar. 2023
2023 Lin, J. J. and Yu, M. T., Managerial Overconfidence and Dividend Stickiness , Managerial Overconfidence and ividend stickiness, Feb. 2023
2023 vol. 49(2), pp. 248-269, 2023
2023 Short-Selling Threats and Bank Risk Taking, Journal of Banking and Finance, 2023
2023 Machine Learning methods for predicting failures of US commercial bank, Applied Economics Letter, 2023
2023 CEO Twitter Use and Firm Disclosure Quality, 證卷市場發展季刊, 2023
2023 Bank CEO Risk-taking Incentives and Bank Lending Quality, Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, 2023
2023 Leading independent director and earnings management, European Financial Management, 2023